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i3LAB is an organisation conceived on the principles of equity and transparency. This is a philosophy through which the organisation engages with the marketplace. Our focus is to provide services to the built environment that is without equal. At i3LAB we understand that each client has a vision. Our role is to nurture that vision and to help our clients realise their vision. i3LAB is 100% (35% Woman) owned by previously disadvantaged individuals (PDI’s) in terms of South African Public Sector Procurement Policies.

i3LAB is a provider of services to the built environment, Our key competencies are:

Architecture | Business Case Consulting | Programme Management | Project Management | Workplace Optimisation

At i3LAB we have expert competency in project delivery. Our vast experience on a diverse portfolio of projects has provided the knowledge to understand the intricacies of project delivery. This includes our ability to co-ordinate multiple work streams to ensure efficiency through accountability.


 Our ability to understand your needs and through our vast experience articulate those needs in a manner that is meaningful is a key ingredient to the delivery of a sustainable solution for our clients and their customers.


We understand that the world is in a constant state of change. Because of this we ensure that the solutions that we propose are robust and flexible. This ensures that solutions are adaptable to meet your changing needs.


We measure success in terms of delivery. At i3LAB no project has been successful until it is completed to the satisfaction of the client within the specified delivery parameters.


We offer full architectural services from due diligence, project evaluation, cost value engineering, project management & close out
Each project is allocated a dedicated team lead by a Director. Teams are augmented by specialist consultants from allied professions where appropriate. This is done to ensure that teams are well balanced and able to create innovative solutions that are aligned to the specific needs of each individual client.

Business Studies
Our innovative approach allows us to craft solutions for clients working within predetermined limits.
Our business studies focus on delivering value that is sustainable throughout the building’s lifecycle. We ensure that the operating expenditure of our buildings are minimised for our clients so that our projects increase our clients bottom line throughout the buildings life. Through a diagnostic process we determine the key drivers of each project deliverable and through consultation with allied professions craft solutions that deliver value to our clients.

Our consulting service is based on a robust framework. We identify the problem statement, develop a hypothesis, test assertions and through rigorous logical processes, using computer modelling and simulation, identify optimal solutions to complex real world problems that our clients face on a day to day basis.

Programme & Project Management
Through our in-depth understanding of project integration and delivery we have developed expert competence in both Programme and Project Management.
Our approach is to ensure that our project teams are proactive in managing risk during the design collaboration and implementation stages of each project.
Managing risk throughout the delivery process ensures timeous delivery to predetermined quality control benchmarks.

Workplace Optimisation
As business models continue to change from hierarchical structures to flat network structures, clients increasingly require changes to their operational environments to meet the new challenges of new business operational models. We work with clients to understand their business processes and workflows so as to optimise their workspace to function efficiently within the changing work paradigms.

SACAP I South African Council for the Architectural Professional
KZNIA I Kwa-Zulu Natal Institute of Architecture


The professionals collectively have 60years experience in design and construction sector of the built environment and have successfully completed projects throughout South Africa for Public, Institutional, Corporate and Private Clients.

i3Lab believes in appropriate due diligence and cost value engineering management is key to a successful project. Clients need and budget challenges are placed foremost when taking into account design principals without comprising quality, integrity, aesthetic and ultimately use.

Site and Brief specific quality control tools are geared for each project at initiation stage and monitored on an on going bases up to close out of the project. Regular reports in the form of an executive summary is issued and presented to the client from inception to close out of the project.

i3Lab believes their marketing is the service offered to all their past, present and future clients.
With the changing world and its changing needs, i3Lab always undertake precedence study of current projects and their outcome so as to inform their client to keep abreast of current and future needs. We live in a global society and a building needs to accommodate mankind and at the same time it needs to be designed specific for our climatic condition with our local material as much as possible.

“A product often becomes more useful if the costs are lowered without harming the quality”

                                                                                                                                                                            - Charles Eames




Contact Details

Tel : +27 31 566 3820

Fax : +27 31 566 3871

Email :

Office Location

30 Meridian Drive | The Centenary |

Quadrant 2 | Level 6 | Suite 50

(entrance on corner of Zenith & Equinox Road)

Umhlanga New town | Kwa-Zulu Natal | 4319

Republic of South Africa

P.O.Box 111 | Umhlanga Rocks | 4320